Be the Change

You Want to See.

“Come and you will see.” John 1:39

The Invitation

Whether we realize it or not, the God of our understanding is ever present to us in times of pure joy. This very same God is also present to us in the midst of an often relentless world of chaos, grief, loss, loneliness, sorrow, and fear. Even more so, we don’t always realize how we long to feel God’s presence during times of significant trial and suffering. The experience of spiritual direction serves to help one navigate through both calm and stormy waters by feeding one’s heart and soul with divine love.

Spiritual Direction Retreat Experiences

A. One-on-One (Directed Retreat Experience)

Directees meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on needs and desires (determined following the initial assessment meeting).

Most significant to the experience of spiritual direction is for directees to discover their innermost selves and deepen relationship with God. Individual spiritual direction offers opportunities for self-discovery in times of transition, discernment, working through grief and loss, physical or mental illness, relationship struggles, or managing challenging faith and belief systems.

Directees engage imaginative and creative experiences of prayer through contemplative prayer (lectio divina), meditation (centering prayer), scripture reading and exploring God’s presence through poetry, art and music.

If a directee so desires, the 18th and 19th annotation retreat experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is available.

Meeting Activities

  • Contemplative prayer (lectio divina) with scripture and poetry
  • Centering prayer
  • Guided meditation
  • Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius
  • Sharing prayer experiences through journal writing
    and through art


“I have attended many retreats over the past 5 years and this one definitely ranked top of the list. I hope and pray some day when I complete my spiritual direction training that I will be able to direct people with the grace and knowledge that Beverley exemplifies.”

(Michele, Guided Retreatant, Finding God in All Things, Marie Joseph, 2021)

B. Group (Guided Retreat Experience)

Scheduled 3-to-5-day group experience on a specific theme:
Finding God in All Things, God’s Presence in Grief and Loss, The Aging Process, Discerning Difficult Choices with Ignatius of Loyola, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, The Mystery of Suffering and Encountering a Loving God, Transitions: Navigating Uncharted Waters, with an Ever-Present God.

This extended group retreat experience involves daily presentations, group and individual prayer times, sharing, guided meditation, and song. Retreatants are offered opportunity to meet one-on-one if they so desire. See above.

Eastern Point Retreat House (extended directed retreat experience opportunity) –
Marie Joseph Spiritual Center (guided retreat experience opportunity) –

Getting Started

Those who are interested in learning more about spiritual direction and the different ways to experience it, are invited to contact Beverley Fournier at (978) 609-1324 or email at